Learn to Confidently Talk About Yourself


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Learn to Confidently Talk About Yourself


  • The How to Ace Your College Interview course is for high school students who are about to go through interviews at colleges as part of the application process.
  • This course will teach high school students how to look comfortable, calm and relaxed how to plan for basic questions and how to make a positive impression.
  • For some colleges, the interview can play an important, and sometimes deciding, role in admission.
  • It pays to prepare for college interviews in a through and methodical manner.
  • Just like there is a system for preparing for the SATs, there is now a system for preparing for college interviews.

After taking this course, high school students will know the following:

  1. How to look confident and relaxed, even during what seems like an awkward interview.

  2. How to put a spotlight on your interests and accomplishments.

  3. How to prepare your messages for each school.


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